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The Mystical Union Between Christ and the Saints

Inspired by Challies, I have just finished reading “A Godly Man’s Picture” by the Puritan Thomas Watson.  Without a doubt, this book is certainly the classic that it is claimed to be.  Written in 1666, it is filled with exhortation after exhortation to live a godly life, the bulk of the book written to describe […]

Christianity, Crutches, and De Jure Objections

Several years ago in undergrad, I went with some friends to a talent show hosted by one of the residence halls to celebrate international coffee day.  To be honest, we were mostly interested in the free food and coffee that they were offering, but you had to watch at least part of the talent show […]

Preformed Material in the Pastoral Epistles

One of the fascinating aspects of the Pastoral Epistles (1 & 2 Timothy and Titus) is Paul’s use of preformed matter.  Preformed material is a fixed expression or formulaic saying that is quoted by the author, but is not original to the work in which you read it.  Examples of these in the New Testament […]