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The Mystical Union Between Christ and the Saints

Inspired by Challies, I have just finished reading “A Godly Man’s Picture” by the Puritan Thomas Watson.  Without a doubt, this book is certainly the classic that it is claimed to be.  Written in 1666, it is filled with exhortation after exhortation to live a godly life, the bulk of the book written to describe […]

Book Review: “Baptism: Three Views”

In 2009 IVP Academic published a book presenting three views on baptism edited by the late David Wright.  In it, the views of credobaptism, paedobaptism, and dual-practice are all defended and critiqued by very capable scholars.  So what are their main arguments? Bruce Ware: Credobaptism Bruce Ware kicked off the series of essays with a […]