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All Glory Be to Christ

Hymns are one of my favorite genres of praise songs, they typically have very deep and meaningful lyrics coupled with an easy to remember tune.   They connect us with the church through the ages and give us a glimpse into the thoughts of the great men of faith that have come before us. They […]

Christianity, Crutches, and De Jure Objections

Several years ago in undergrad, I went with some friends to a talent show hosted by one of the residence halls to celebrate international coffee day.  To be honest, we were mostly interested in the free food and coffee that they were offering, but you had to watch at least part of the talent show […]

Book Review: “Baptism: Three Views”

In 2009 IVP Academic published a book presenting three views on baptism edited by the late David Wright.  In it, the views of credobaptism, paedobaptism, and dual-practice are all defended and critiqued by very capable scholars.  So what are their main arguments? Bruce Ware: Credobaptism Bruce Ware kicked off the series of essays with a […]